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Dec 9, 2013 6:30am PST
powerful man in the states janice on the attack was sacked from his managing the economy. corruption womanizing and drug taking what analysts say it's one of the biggest the peebles has the government since the death of the former leader kim jong il in two thousand the mountains. now to violent scenes from a football match result two people have been seriously injured in a violent brawl that broke out between fans images were broadcast live to millions of homes are likely to raise questions about the country's ability to keep them safe during next year's world cup after clifford reports. i see no conflict because players green knight's tale. minutes later the cd and descended into chaos. it is time to teach other and began to lose grind the beans and some of the idea contest this repeatedly and can't. riot police fired pepper pilates and tear gas into the riots the helicopter ride to treat the insurance. the plaintiff was already being punished for sundial in several months ago. it will finance the series to brazil this year raising concerns for the country's image ahead of the world
Dec 2, 2013 6:30am PST
of the company. calls to the global economy twenty four hours a day. due to the business into you on all the stops in stocks rose in all prices fell this week on the news of a new pay deal between iran and six world powers the reigning government pledge to make its nuclear program or transparent in bhutan western powers relaxed some of the sanctions on the country the deal was also seen to pique the interest of western companies and stay on a return to a market that has been largely cut off the tee to sanctions. it isn't too late to cry of victory all the years of animosity to help with the business side of the story became time to crispin holes he's managing director to nato intelligence which evaluates political risks said thank you very much in people being with us let me start by asking you how big of a deal t think that this new quit the law actually is how much progress has actually been. while it's it's enormously important is a huge step forward in principle on the terms all the i truly mean to the economic impact of that is much less than that the principle of progress many fear
Dec 4, 2013 7:00am PST
of the ruling party of the region's economies did not go for the draft. this block is the institution buildings in the cabinet of ministers is not the path to european integration but to dictatorship. i am. no clue i demand to stop all legal and lawful decisions to block the building of the government you are sure to be responsible in all the pp push on the wrongful acts will be responsible for this to let you know meanwhile thousands of protesters gathered at the building of the parliament to continue to demand the resignation of the cabinet of ministers and the president. still there we came into vogue for the resignation of the government and the president and so for new elections. why because we do not like being treated as animals. the protests began after the president picked unocal which refused to sign the eu association in the free trade pact but most people went to the streets on sunday after they've been caught so it is violently dispersed the crowd on independence square. the thai government has negotiated a truce with protesters in the streets of the capital for the next several da
Dec 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
because the what the nazis and the sweet is that. the and that that the economy and to amend the deal positions as much or eat at the bottom that they cannot dismiss the government and they want the government to dismiss salam. action is very difficult to predict what had happened. you'll be sucked into the model not a situation thank you very much that the professor makes all negotiable. thank you. will the world new the french forces are now taking up positions in flashpoint areas of the central african republic. it's meant to help put an end to several days of sectarian violence. an estimated four hundred people dead and forced thousands to flee their heads the country's top catholic official today appealed for calm. he's urging christians in the country to end the cycle of vengeance against the country's muslims i kept silent on the tumble in the capital boogie is koda limits. tomorrow is our chicken of the crucial during the transitional government and mainstream presentation due to the heat out of the soldiers the ripples from the former coalition to help him go. president. what
Dec 1, 2013 7:00pm PST
survive while allowing enormous damage to irreparable damage being done to done to the iranian economy. we've seen in the polls in the middle east north africa extended periods of sanctions that don't remove a regime of the puppy mill most damaging thing is done to the economy into the population larger than one thinks of a day or iraq for example within the regime could survive for much longer. but the regime using its own its longer term survival. and to achieve that i think the regime needs sanctions. and aviation before the damage this on the economy is becomes irreparable will never let us as happened in iraq. in how the state's key thing that they were in court and he is at the moment infection this time. growth is basically ignore that. so it seems pretty bad from the from the outside. it is extreme and out and given that the economy is very much driven bali government spending which is itself a function of government revenues to come from. crude oil exports limitations on crude exports stronger low economic growth is an open environment where you have a very large scale private sec
Dec 8, 2013 7:00am PST
'm the reason is lydia. or they the greek economy has shrunk by niemi fortune since two thousand and eight. repeated rounds of lost every t have squeezed households percent unemployment to record highs the two thousand and fourteen great budget has not yet been approved by the trike can quickly get the amended with new austerity measures. one is of the creek governments the safe pompidou is he pays it's been a one month since the devastating typhoon ions that to the philippines and claimed the lives of five thousand seven hundred people life in some parts of the country is slowly getting back to normal. in the worst areas like the club on normalcy is nowhere in sight but he's still been uncovered on a daily basis and construction worker is going on around the clock to bring the city back on its ft. donna d'souza has the story. the sound of nails being hammered debris being cleared. this is tough about one month up to tackle heidi and cause a catastrophe villagers eager to get on with their lives by gathering materials to rebuild makeshift homes. the reminder of the lives lost has not gone
Dec 7, 2013 7:00pm PST
add spaces they say economists. some one a tree in the us owes to the world economy. i kept going and going to study tells us more about it it's a milestone for the world trade organization. with talks turning into an extra game hundred and fifty nine members finally agreed on the first global trade deal since the wto is creation in nineteen ninety five for the first time in our history the wto has truly delivered we have achieved something very significant the owner of the world will benefit from the ekka to have delivered here today the clean and simple finds custom procedures maintains limited at the cultural subsidies and improves access for goods from the world's worst countries. over time analysts believe the deal could boost global trade by about one trillion dollars and create more than twenty million jobs mostly in developing nations. we have done here in cali is truly extraordinary. we have negotiated a package that will bring its own security to billions of goal scorers we have delivered to an agreement on trade facilitation and we have agreed to a groundbreaking studen
Dec 5, 2013 6:30am PST
democracy with um that over corruption. with the proper role. with the french a market economy how these hopes to be in that it is appointed the menu is in the last five to sixty s but still the eu keeps trying to book a ticket about schools. it neighbors of ukraine i couldn't um um but but but the question that's his announcement. is whether the eu had a full for the ukraine. a clear and tripod and then will this time in the fifth respect of the way tussle for the perspective to other countries that were formerly called the soviet off with a view that it had a much bigger hole. the much bigger influence. i would have acted as a much more attractive force of four. ukraine is either unknown or european or western eyes that hasn't happened was permissible to see. it's one that's one for sorensen a bit with good reason funnel off in ukraine if it meant to post it but i think in some ways you could say was justification that the new doc today is paying the price for the city from mc prospect of being for example a stabilization and association agreement or at least an offer of bad. qui
Dec 7, 2013 7:00am PST
to a historic a global deal aimed at boosting contacts that could add nearly one trillion to the global economy by simplifying customs procedures of the deal falls far short of the dts ambitious goal of tearing down the global trade barriers. the accord does mark the first global agreement struck by the body since its founding in nineteen ninety five. an american citizen detained in north korea for over a month is now on its way home the five year old veteran that mehlman has been held on charges of hostile acts which pyongyang said he committed six decades ago during the korean war. the less well from north korea's decision to release the former soldier was now on appeal the sentences go. people are in detention in mexico at this saturday's all in the theft of a truck carrying highly radioactive material the seizure of the vehicle to grid notices to the us and the lands and nuclear watchdog amid fears the material could have been used to make it dirty bomb the notices of reports the hospital is on high alert six men suspected of stealing a truck containing radioactive material i be treated if
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9